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All of the following composers are known to have written piano concertos. General information about their lives and music is required. I am looking for the manuscripts or the orchestral parts of these concertos. Any help in this direction would be welcome. Please email

Composer Information Available
Barker, Clarence 18xx-19xx. USA. Fantasie Symphonic for piano & orchestra 1897.
Benedict, Milo 1866-19xx. USA. 1 piano concerto 1886
Crowther 18xx-19xx. English. 1 piano concerto.
Nixon, Henry 1842-1907. English. 1 piano concerto.
Hicklin, Welton 18xx-19xx. English. Piano concerto(s).
Katski, Antoni 1817-1899. Polish. Piano concertos.
Ludwig, Franz 1889-1955. Bohemian. 1 piano concerto.
Mirecki, Wincenty 1791-1862. Polish. Piano concertos.
Pauly, Francis 18xx-19xx. USA. 1 piano concerto 1914.
Perry, Philip 1859-19xx. USA. 1 piano concerto 1888.
Prescott, Olivieria 1842-1919. English. 1 piano concerto in A minor.
Romero-Barbosa, Elena 1880-19xx. Spanish. Balada for piano & orchestra.
Sommer, Charles 1865-1xxx. USA. 1 piano concerto.
Tapp, Frank 1883-1953. English.
Trew, Charles 1854-19xx. English. Konzertstuck 1912.

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