Lost Music

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The following manuscripts are lost, some through accident or war and others discarded for various reasons. Any information about this music, contemporary accounts of performances, last known dates etc, would be welcome. Please email info@piano-concertos.org.

Composer Details
D'Albert, Eugene Piano concerto in A. This was a graduation piece written about 1880, was highly praised and is known to have had at least two performances. Further information would be welcome.
Ashton, Algernon The manuscript of his only piano concerto appears to be missing. Any information about it or its whereabouts would be welcome.
Brockway, Howard A piano concerto was written in 1905. I have not been able to trace any performances. The manuscript seems to have disappeared since the composers death in 1951.
Dussek, Jan His first piano concerto in B flat written in 1779 appears to be lost. Any information would be of interest. Piano concerto no. 6, in E flat op. 15/26 written in 1789. Only the first movement exists. Was it ever completed?
Kuhlau, Friedrich Composed circa 1830 and lost in his house fire in 1831. Contemporary information about the composition would be interesting.
Litolff, Henri The first piano concerto, which is known to have had a number of performances, appears to be lost. Information about last known performances would be helpful.
McPhee, Colin Any information about the whereabouts of the manuscripts of both the concertos is required. They were written in 1920 and 1923.
Moscheles, Ignaz Piano concerto no. 8 'The Pastorale'. The manuscript of the full score is missing and only a piano part appears to exist. Any information about this or of any known performances is needed.
Smriek, Jan He is known to have written more than one piano concerto. Any information is welcome.
Stamitz, Carl It is recorded that he wrote two piano concertos. Information about keys, performance dates and publishers is needed.
Tveitt, Geirr Piano concertos no 2, 3 & 6 were lost in his house fire. Any information about performances of these concertos, reviews etc; would be welcome.

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