Recording Wishlist

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This is a plea for the recording of the following music, which has never been recorded, or was poorly recorded and in some cases was not performed as well as could be expected. I have grouped the composers in a way to suggest recording pairings.

Surname First name Work Date Status
Baines William Poeme de Concert. 1921 Never recorded.
Leginska Ethel Fantasy for Piano & Orchestra 1922 Never recorded.
Bruckshaw Kathleen Piano Concerto in C major.   Never recorded.
Ellicott Rosalind Piano Concerto in A minor. 1895 Never recorded.
Prescott Olivieria Piano Concerto in A minor.   Never recorded,
Clifford Julian Piano Concerto in E minor.   Never recorded.
Farjeon Harry Piano Concerto. 1903 Never recorded.
Albeniz Isaac Piano Concerto in A (Concierto Fantastico).
Piano Concerto in E flat, No. 2.
Rhapsodia Espanola.
No. 2 never recorded.
Serrano Y Ruiz Emilio Piano Concerto in G. 1904 Never recorded.
Huber Hans Piano Concerto No 2.
Piano Concerto No 4.
Never recorded.
Never recorded.
Reuss August Piano Concerto. 1924 Never recorded.
Ridky Jaroslav Piano Concerto. 1932 Never recorded.
Skold Yngve Piano concerto No 2. 1946 Never recorded.
Tveitt Geirr Piano concerto No 3. 1947 1947 recording only.
Setaccioli Giacomo Piano Concerto. 1912 Never recorded.
Zanella Amilcare Piano Concerto.
Never recorded.
Never recorded.
Bronsart Hans Piano Concerto No 1 in F sharp minor. 1873 1 no longer available.
Starck Ingeborg Piano Concerto No 1 in F sharp minor. 1862 Never recorded.
Prudent Emile Piano Concerto No 1 in D.
Piano Concerto No 2 in B flat major.
Never recorded.
Never recorded.
Schnabel Artur Piano Concerto. 1901 Never recorded.
Berger Wilhelm Konzertstuck 1888 Never recorded.
Bennett William Sterndale Piano Concerto in A minor (No. 6). 1843-8 Never recorded.
Waley Simon Piano Concerto in E flat. 1856 Never recorded.

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